Vision RV is the brainchild of one very passionate adventurer, Chris Michel. The bloke has spent over 30 years exploring this beautiful country of ours, putting all manner of caravans, rv’s, campers and kit to the test. But that’s all the team at Vision RV. They’re mad as hell about their product, What it can do and where it can take you.

The evolution of van as Chris calls it, stems from his experience building some of Australia’s most loved RV’s under the brand, Sunseeker Caravans. Being an innovator at heart, Chris and the team went to work building what they believed to be the world’s best off-road RV. A vehicle that was lighter, stronger, more durable, more functional and so comfortable that even the fussiest travellers will want to get off-road.

With Vision RV’s being built right here in Queensland in our own factory, we’re able to control the costs, shorten the build times, and overall, deliver a better product for less money. It’s why Vision RV’s are the best value off-road RV on the market. There’s an internal joke about them being the most over-engineered RV on the market, but Chris would rather that then have something blow an axle halfway down the Canning Stock Route.

It’s this willingness to go where others won’t with design, engineering, inclusions, and even customer service that makes Vision RV embody what a true Australian brand should be.

Our Story Vision RV
Vision RV our story
Our Story Vision RV