Pre-travel checklist

Whether you travel once a year or every other weekend, this pre-travel checklist will help ensure you don’t miss anything before you hook up and go. 


  • Windows & blinds
  • Roof hatches
  • Lights (Ceiling & Reading)
  • Water pump
  • Lighting HWS on gas
  • CD/radio (incl isolation ext speakers)
  • Solar regulator
  • Wingard Antenna
  • TV (plugs, dismount & operation)
  • Sink taps (filter if necessary)
  • Ranghood
  • Cooktop/oven
  • Air conditioner
  • Fridge (all function)
  • Toilet (operation)
  • Vanity
  • Washing machine
  • Shower (incl rose on ground when travelling)
  • 14″ hatches
  • Ensuite door
  • Battery system & fuses
  • Table
  • Wall switches


  • All keys used & accounted for during external presentation
  • Entry door (incl seperation)
  • External table
  • Bargman light
  • External outlets/entertainment box (TV, power, 12 V etc)
  • Roll out awning
  • Toilet cassette
  • Mains pressure/tank filling
  • Power inlet
  • Jacking points
  • Stabilizer legs
  • Front window shade
  • Gas bottle changeover (courtesy 1 filled at pickup)
  • Toolbox
  • Sullage outlet


  • Hayman Reese (setup/adjust if necessary)
  • DO35 pin
  • Towing mirrors
  • Plugs (ando/12 pin)
  • Safety chains & breakway
  • Check all indicators & lights




REMEMBER: Servicing your Caravan is an integral part of maintaining it. You are towing a very heavy load and without regular and appropriate caravan maintenance you are posing a risk to yourself and others that are on the road, if you are not having your caravan regularly serviced. It is your responsibility to ensure that you service your caravan.