Shoreline Charity Vision RV
Shoreline Charity Vision RV

Shoreline works with the higher & vocational education system along with the commercial industry to support indigenous kids through their high school education and then to continue on to employment with those local organisations.

Shoreline continues to provide the best environments and opportunities for young Indigenous Australians, no doubt changing their lives forever.

Vision RV (part of the Sunseeker Caravans family) began supporting Shoreline early in 2021 by donating $12,710 that was rasied in a charity auction at Sunseeker’s Annual Owner’s Rally.

Vision is proud to continue supporting Shoreline well into the future by donating $1,000 to the charity for every “Kiah Leumeah” van sold and delivered.

The Kiah Leumeah features orignal artwork designed by NAIDOC Artist of the Year Daren Dunn. 

For more information about Shoreline or to make a donation, visit the website: