The Gibb River Road – 6 Episode Series

The Gibb River Road YouTube Series

In September 2022, Christian, Katie, and their 2 girls tackled the notorious Gibb River Road in a VH16 bunk hybrid caravan. 

Not everything goes to plan with a flat battery and an unseasonal “Rain Bomb” predicted for The Kimberley region. But the breathtaking landscapes and interesting wildlife do not disappoint, and Christian, Katie, and the girls have a lot of fun along the way.  

They swim in the stunning Bell Gorge and then go on to find their own private waterhole oasis (plus the best scones on the Gibb) at Ellenbrae Station. Christian explains the unique water manifold system on the van and how they manage their water while off-grid. They tackle the roughest part of The Gibb River Road and arrive at Pentecost River and soak up one of the best views in Australia.

The journey of the Gibb ends at El Questro Station, which is an absolute oasis and something that dreams are made of! The gorges, walks, waterfalls, and hot springs are amazing. We hope you enjoy this 6 part series of The Gibb River Road.  

“The Gibb is such a special experience, if you’ve been thinking about it, make sure to get out there and give it a crack while it’s still a rugged and remote experience. It’s entirely worth the effort!” – Christian