Submit a claim


This claim form has been established to collate all required information to provide effective and accurate remedies to your warranty claims.

We as the Dealership will provide assistance during your warranty claim and will oversee your warranty work to ensure any repairs are carried out in a timely fashion and to your satisfaction.

Due to the complex nature of caravans and the vast amount of componentry and skilled labour involved in the production of our vans, there will be times where we may need to involve the manufacturer or suppliers to fulfill your warranty needs.

Please ensure that all information within the claim form is filled out and a picture is supplied for all items you are claiming against, showing the issue where possible. Please submit all warranty items in one claim form. If after submitting your claim you wish to add any further items, please submit a new claim form. Repairers will be unable to inspect any items not listed on a formal claim through this form. Please keep all communication and correspondence that relates to your claim in the same communication chain.

Once your warranty claim is completed and you are satisfied with the remedy, please communicate this with us so we can close out your claim to prevent any further communication and reminders being sent to you.