Go off-road with a Vision RV Off-Road Caravan

Introducing the ultimate in off-road adventure: the Vision RV Off-Road Caravan. Crafted with 100% timber-free construction, including all internal cabinetry, it's engineered to be the toughest, most comfortable, and most capable off-road van on the Australian market.

Break free from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with our off-road caravan. Designed to conquer the most challenging terrains, it's your ticket to exploring remote and breathtaking destinations that were once out of reach. Wherever your journey leads, if your vehicle can handle it, rest assured your Vision RV will follow.

Don't settle for ordinary adventures. Elevate your off-road experience with Vision RV today.

Explore our range of off-road caravans and hybrids and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

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We are a team of passionate caravaners who specialise in designing, building and supplying Australia's best off-road Caravans.

We understand that people value both fashion and function. Our Vision RV Caravans deliver on every level. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none when you entrust us to deliver your dream machine.

At Vision RV we take immense pride in being pioneers in our industry, setting the standard for excellence in every facet of our products. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled experience to our customers.

Australia's favourite Off-Road Caravan

Why Buy A Vision RV

  • 100% Timber-Free Construction

    We use only the highest quality materials to construct a completely timber free van. German engineered composite is used in the walls, roof and floor to provide a lightweight body that is both extremely strong and insulated. Further enhancing the build quality are the aluminium fabricated drawers powder coated in contemporary colours. To round out the superb internal fit-out are solid surface acrylic resin bench tops in the dining area. There is no chipboard, MDF or plywood used anywhere.

    Hot dipped galvanized chassis provides excellent strength and resistance to corrosion. Supporting the van is independent airbag suspension which can be adjusted at a push of a button to level at stopovers or increase ground clearance when going off-road. Enjoy the freedom that 660W of solar and 270L of drinking water provides to your travels. Added to the off-road spec sheet are large 285/70/R17 wheels with ventilated disc brakes.
  • 40+ Years Off-Road Experience

    'Choose Vision RV with confidence, knowing that our products are a testament to our commitment to detail, functionality, design excellence, and pioneering innovation. We invite you to experience the difference that sets Vision RV apart in the world of exceptional quality.' - Chris Michel. It's this willingness to go where others won’t with design, engineering, inclusions, and even customer service that makes Vision RV embody what a true off-road caravan should be.




$15K raised for Shoreline

We are proud to partner with Shoreline charity by donating $1000 from each "Kiah Leumeah" or the new 'Waabiny" van sold. The Kiah Leumeah features orignal artwork designed by NAIDOC Artist of the Year Daren Dunn. 

Shoreline connects schools with training organisations and employers, to ensure that each of our First Nations trainees obtains a vocational qualification while finishing school and moves straight into full time employment.

Vision RV (part of the Sunseeker Caravans family) began supporting Shoreline early in 2021 by donating $12,710 that was raised in a charity auction at Sunseeker’s Annual Owner’s Rally.

real words by real owners

What our Vision RV Explorers have to say

Back on the road again after our 10,000km service at Vision Service Centre, Coolum Beach. Very happy with everything; great team of Damien, Ben, Jason and Steve. They covered everything with us before and after, answered all our questions, showed us the parts replaced and finished on time! Replacing and repacking our bearings, new brake pads, a solar upgrade and some warranty repairs and replacements took 3 days. We booked with Damien 3 months prior to the work with a clear list of any additions to the standard 10,000 km checks and took his recommendation for the upgrade. 5 Stars!

Evelyn B

Loving our Vision RV picked up in October. Very impressed with dust seals, back of ute full of dust but van nice and clean. Also had a massive rain downpour and no water ingress.

Sarah K

We took our Vision RV on its first test run on the weekend, and we are so very, very happy with it.

Sue T

Vision RV Explorers

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